Providing Instruction in all aspects of training with
The most popular of martial arts weapons

Special Enrollment Package: $45.00. (limited time)
Includes the following:


Membership in NANA for 1 year
DVD Volume 1 - 9th and 8th Kyu Requirements
(includes all material required for the 1st two belts)
Access to the NANA instructor staff for questions though phone and e-mail.
Only current members may receive promotions.
Special discounts on tournaments and seminars.
Discounts on NANA products.

The DVD includes the following information:
9th Kyu (White Belt – Yellow Stripe)
Block Set 1
Block Set 2
Strike Set 1
Spin Set 1

8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Punch Set
Strike Set 1
Strike Set 2
Strike Set 3

Plus Bonus Material

All rank requirements are performed
Full Speed
Slow Motion with written on screen explanation
Techniques demonstrated
And slow motion with no titles

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